What is tethered, semi tethered and untethered

By | May 23, 2014

What is the tethered.? what is semi-tethered.? and what is untethered.? what is different between tethered, semi-tethered and untethered.? we have more questions jailbreak users in this tethered, untethered and semi-tethered. you can know answers this questions and video guide in this post.

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tethered, semi tethered and untethered

What is the tethered.?

Tethered is least desirable jailbreak in this untethered and semi-tethered. you can not reboot iphone, ipad or ipod tethered jailbreak without doing a tethered boot. this tethered means way of attached to  computer. your apple device by running code you must boot to make of exploit. tethered boot access to computer, so if you are on the way from a computer, and your apple device reboot to any reason, you are stuck with a Apple Logo on the home screen.

What is untethered.?

Unthered jailbreak is most preferred of jailbreak. jailbreak your device an untrthered jailbreak allows run to cydia apps and tweaks.  andwith no consequences reboot your device. untethered jailbreak means your iphone, poad and ipad function as normal except will be jailbreak.

what is semi-tethered.?

Semi-tethered jailbreak means you still tethered jailbreak , but if you power loose on your idevice crashes it will reboot semi functioning state, you can use app such as phone. to put your iphone back into functioning and Jailbreak state you need to plug your iphone back to your computer and re run the jailbreak tool you original used jailbreak your iphone.

Tethered, semi tethered and untethered video