Taig iOS 9.1 for Cydia

By | November 19, 2015

As you already know, Apple is planning to launch iOS 9.2 in the near future. So while we are waiting for the jailbreak iOS 9.1, it may release before the tool and collect another version without jailbreak. Anyhow, we always concern to update you, with latest news of the jailbreak community. Even most expect the jailbreak iOS 9.1 from Pangu, it may draw by Taig iOS 9.1 and will replace their leadership of the jailbreak community. Because, as they fail for the iOS 9 Because of Pangu, the leadership too had to forsake. Also, as rumors reporting that Taig is working hard for the release of Taig iOS 9.1, mostly this will be the next jailbreak release we will have to welcome.

ios 9.1 Taig

Taig jailbreak

If you are a usual jailbreak user, no need to cite the Taig jailbreak as their journey began with the release of Taig v1.0.1 as their first jailbreak tool. Also, now the compatibility of Taig is availble for all iOS 8 versions up to iOS 8.4. Theier final version was released as Taig 2.4.3 for iOS 8.4 – iOS 8.1.3. Still some users are using devices jailbroken with Taig 2.4.3 without upgrade iOS 9. Anyhow, Taig has released 19 versions including two Mac compatible tools to jailbreak iOS 8.0 – iOS 8.4. So, now we only have to see for the upcoming jailbreak tool as Taig iOS 9.1 as the 20th release of them.

Taig jailbreak iOS 9.1

Even Pangu drawn the jailbreak iOS 9, still the name Taig too stands on the top of the jailbreak community. With the Taig CEO’s proclamation of iOS 9 jailbreak, we all waited for the Taig 9. But with the unexpected Pangu tool, Taig has to stay from iOS 9. But now the effort has changed as Taig 9.1. So it is great to inform you that the iOS 9.1 jailbreak will be a Taig tool even there is not any sign. So as Pangu too entered the Mac compatibility, Taig tools will reach both Windows and Mac with iOS 9.1 as well. According to my oppinion, Taig must get back their dignity with the Taig iOS 9.1 to crown again.

By the way, if the iOS 9.2 will launch before the jailbreak iOS 9.1, we can expect the in progress Taig iOS 9.1 will release as an availble for iOS 9.2 as well. So it will release just after iOS 9.2 like the way they make iOS 8.4 a jailbroken. But, as all these are still on rumors you will have to stay on your jailbroken iOS versions without upgrade with iOS 9.1 or upper.