Pangu iOS 9.1

By | November 19, 2015

AS we always bringing you new updates of the jailbreak community, here we reach about Pangu iOS 9.1. We know that the Pangu jailbreak is the only team that could archive the jailbreak ions 9 while the others fail for that. So, according to rumors, Pangu is going to amaze us just like their iOS 9 jailbreak with the expected Pangu iOS 9.1. Also, the iOS 9.2 too will include to that to jailbreak and download Cydia for both versions. Therefore, just stay on your jailbroken iOS versions without upgrade with new versions. As you are a jailbreak enthusiasm user, you are not able to install even iOS 9.2 beta versions too as even those are not able to restored for any previous release.

Pangu iOS 9.1

The jailbreak community on iOS 9.1

As they need to win the battle with Apple, the jailbreak community always trying to approach the best out put for their users. The trend of iDevices are increasing because of them as they are making users easier with their devices with Cydia. Anyhow, they are collecting new members to them like the Keen team which arrived with the news of iOS 9 to release their first ever jailbreak tool. Because, it was the reason that we received such kind of strong jailbreak tools as they have to win this by struggling. Anyhow, at this time too we are going to reach the iOS 9.1 jailbreak after a struggle of the jailbreak community. Even there are many members, mostly Pangu iOS 9.1 will be the jailbreak tool. But we cannot confirm the release date or any other yet as still this is on rumors.

Jailbreak iOS 9.1 for Cydia download

Still the iOS 9.1 Cydia download isn’t reached. Therefore, you are not able to download Cydia as the iOS 9.1 is not a jailbroken version. As the expected Pangu iOS 9.1 is going to release through the next few weeks of this year, we hope we all will be able to start a great year of 2016. Because most rumors are reporting that the Pangu 9.1 will release soon after the iOS 9.2 release to make both versions jailbroken. It will be great than jailbreak only iOS 9.1 an keep the iOS 9.2 as a strange version. So you just have to ready to welcome the iOS 9.1 on your devices with Pangu 9.1 for Cydia. If you are a Mac user, no need to worry of that as Pangu will take the responsibility of both Windows and Mac.