About the Release and iPhone 8 Cydia Download

By | September 7, 2017



 All rumors of the latest iPhone 8 are now close to draw the end with the dates set for the release event. As to the confirmations, in the middle of September, Steve Job’s Theater will hold the big event of Apple, hosting the release of game changer iPhone to the public. So considering that I am writing here a complete review of the new iPhone release, its focus on features, about the availability, pricing and also all possibilities to iPhone 8 Cydia Download. If you like being a part of the story, go on reading for the complete understanding.

iPhone 8 Cydia Download

The release of the iPhone 8 is special as it is the Apple’s biggest launch, celebrating the 10th anniversary of the iPhone. So there is no wonder why we find a lot of stories about this game changer iPhone not just being stick to one schematic. And with no difference, we have been questioned iPhone 8 Jailbreak as well even before the firmware iOS 11 and the device iPhone 8 is yet to be officially out. Standing days behind the event, the things we can say about the new iPhone and facts around are limited. But as that can do nothing with the excitement, here I am writing you about some of the clear facts from all around so far. Then here we go.

iPhone 8 is ready to the official unwrapping

As expected, the new Apple’s event is now set on 12th September 2017 to take place at the Steve Jobs theatre in Cupertino. And as to the note of Apple, this is the first event taking place in the theater for which we could expect the celebrations to be doubled. And with the release of the iPhone 8, there will also be iPhone 7S/7S Plus, new 4K Apple TV, a Watch update, iOS 11 the latest iteration of the Apple’s mobile operating system and more. So starting from 12th, there would be so much to talk with a great excitement.

About iPhone 8 Features

As the biggest innovation in Apple iPhone, the model 8 is coming. So in every aspect, we find something interesting to talk. In fact, this will be a great surprise for especially those who aren’t thrilled with the previous iPhone 7. So from the build, display, size, accessibility, functionality and all, iPhone 8 will be a successor. And as to the schematics, we here bringing you the key specs with a promise to write back in a full detailed view when the release is confirmed.

  • Display in 5.8 inches
  • 3 GB of RAM
  • Expandable storage from 64 GB to 256 GB
  • Edge to edge full screen
  • Includes NAND flash memory
  • Resolutions 750 x 1330 pixels
  • Features full glass body
  • OLED display
  • Processing on A11 chip with a boosted performance
  • iPhone 7-like rear camera
  • Facetime camera with a new 3D sensor to facial recognition
  • Wireless charging facility
  • Dust/water resistant rate up to IP68 with improvements
  • Will be available in Gold, Silver, and Black

iPhone 8 official announcement will take place on 12th. But to take one in hand, you would probably need more wait as it usually takes about months for the distribution all over the world and goes on sales. So we expect it to be available in December with a starting price of $1,200 or even up.

iPhone 8 Cydia Download

iOS 11 Download on iPhone 8

iOS 11 coming to iPhone 8. So we will again meet a big chapter with the meeting of two giants. And as promised so far through 10 betas, iOS 11 will include redesigned Control Center with improved customization capabilities, Lock screen and Notifications merged for easy access, new features like “Do Not Disturb while Driving”, new screenshot feature, improved Siri capabilities and so much with added taste to everywhere. And also it is concerned a software update for 64-bit devices with more fixes, patches, security improvements possibly with fewer troubles.

Any Progress to iPhone 8 Cydia Download?

Just like iPhone 8 winning all love with its features and design, it is that much arresting in concerned iPhone 8 Cydia Download possibilities. And with proof to Jailbreak iOS 11 by reputed team KeenLab, the expectations get high which shows successful Cydia iOS 11 entry through a video. And that is as follows.

The evidence on Cydia Download iOS 11 is important in the expectations of iPhone 8 Cydia Download in the future. So stay with us for all news as exploits and the way it can be exposed to a new jailbreak in respect to the device could be varied with time.

The post here is a just a touch to the new iPhone 8, features, pricing, availability and also iPhone 8 Cydia Download. So let us meet after 12th for all in detailed view.