iPhone 7and 7 Plus are Now Official- Jailbreak iPhone 7 Updates

By | September 8, 2016

Apple has unwrapped iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus in the September 7 event introducing a massive upgrade for iPhone users. As to the word of responsible parties the first batch of new iPhone 7 is now loading up for the 1st shipment which has estimated to go on sale from 16th of September. As expected iPhone 7 has designed for iOS 10, when the times of iPhone 7 sales, you will have iOS 10 Download rights for a gigantic iOS experience with the iPhone 7 and all allowed previous iDevice models. But what could be the Jailbreak iPhone 7 state with regards to latest operating system? So let us take a look on iOS 10 jailbreak updates for those who expect iPhone 7 to be jailbroken with latest iOS 10.

Jailbreak iPhone 7

iPhone 7 the Newest Member

With the design Apple has not gone for a big change in new iPhone 7, in fact they have decided to keep stuck into the same design carrying the plan of iPhone 8 to a new design. But they have worked best on iPhone 7/7 Plus to make them the companie’s best yet.  So let us take a look on notable features of Apple’s latest flagship smartphone that could not let your eyes off.

  • Water and dust resistant with IP67 protection
  • Comes in “Jet Black” and “Black” in addition to all your familiar choices
  • Similar to iPhone 6S and 6S Plus in design
  • Larger Camera bump
  • No Headphone jack (Adaptor included for the standard headphones)
  • Lightning Earpods
  • Improved Rear and Front Cameras
  • iPhone 7 Plus with a dual camera setup
  • Long lasting battery
  • Runs with 64-bit A10 Fusion processor
  • Running on latest iOS 10
  • Redesigned Home Button with pressure sensitivity

Jailbreak iPhone 7

iPhone 7 in iOS 10

If you are a big fan of iOS updates you will find nothing music to ears than hearing iOS 10 on iPhone 7. In fact this would be the biggest collaboration ever for iOS community where two of the Apple’s giants have met at once. In feature wise iOS 10 is not second to iPhone 7/7 Plus. In fact iOS is molded with massive feature enhancements with all side improvements. In that way it seems both these flagship releases have brought for each for an immersive iOS experience ever.

Update: Apple has grant rights on iOS GM (Targeting developers) where the final release of iOS 10 is previewed

Jailbreak iPhone 7 – Updates

At a time iPhone 7 newest models have made iOS users excited together with latest iOS 10, it would be a slip up if I miss updates on Jailbreak iPhone 7. In simply there is no way to Cydia Download on iPhone 7 at the moment.

Only hours after iOS 10 wrapped off at WWDC, iOS 10 beta 1 was proven to be jailbreakable with developer iH8snow. And then Pangu took MOSEC stage to show a working iOS 10 jailbreak once again proving iOS 10 jailbreak possibilities. But that did not concluded from there, in fact we were able to hear final iOS 10 beta 8 jailbroken with Luca Todesco in recent times making the excitement multiple on those who are eager on iOS 10 jailbreak updates. So it is now time to wait for the next update. Let us believe it to be Pangu 10 opening Cydia Download iOS 10. So to know Jailbreak iPhone 7 updates, keep an eye on iOS 10 which will be only days ahead of its official announcement.

With the willpower of writing Cydia Download iPhone 7 soon, I conclude my writing now. If you think you are still unanswered write us to get aware of all latest jailbreak facts.