Cydia Download iOS 10- Best Tweaks to live it up

By | March 14, 2017

As Yalu 10 jailbreak has been released for some weeks, it is now time to take a look on the side of Cydia 10. If we consider the past weeks, we can find numerous interesting Cydia releases in the target of those who managed Yalu well to get all features which forced you to jailbreak iOS 10. But if you still do not know what going to work best for you, here is a little guide to find best Jailbreak tweaks in Cydia Download iOS 10. So check them out.

Cydia Download iOS 10

Currently, Yalu is in beta 7 and already confirmed stable in the process. It works for iOS 10- to 10.2 for all 64-bit devices but except iPhone 7 in iOS 10.2. In fact, iPhone 7 jailbreak is still only allowed for iOS 10-iOS 10.1.1 as further expanding has met some security limitations. But in the final Yalu launch, this would too be changed as Todesco has already spoken out a clue on this. The current jailbreak runs a semi-untethered flow with Cydia impactor download and side loading the IPA file. So just as previous Pangu jailbreak 9.3.3, you will have to re-run the app everytime you reboot. And you have to strictly remember that, Yalu will not add support above 10.2 where jailbreak iOS 10.2.1 and upcoming 10.3 are kept in a little doubt.

Cydia Download for iOS 10- What’s Best in Cydia?

You are jailbreaking your iOS 10, at a time Apple has stopped signing all allowed firmware. So in case if you make mistakes, you will be restored to 10.2.1 which now signs officially. So there you have to proceed with caution as well as in Cydia download. If you doubt, what would be worth download in Cydia, here is the guide for best Cydia Download iOS 10. So follow as prevent taking a risk at Cydia crashes which could make you restore 10.2.1.

Activator for Free

To add numerous gestures to perform more actions

Cydia Download iOS 10

BioProtectfor $2.99

To secure your apps, folders, settings with Touch ID or passcode.

Cydia Download iOS 10

CarrierCrack for $2.99

Big Upgrade to jailbroken device to unlock various features hidden with various carrier limitations.

jailbreak tweaks

Cylinder for Free

Attractive animations to Pages and Home Screen of your jailbroken iDevice.

Cylinder app

ForceInPicture for Free

To get iPad’s Picture-in-Picture feature to unsupported devices.

Cydia Download iOS 10

iFile for $4.00

For best File management in your jailbroken iOS 10.

ifile app

Aerial for $1.99

To colorize Status bar icons to colors you love.

jailbreak tweaks

Evanesco for Free

Adds more aesthetic effect to your jailbroken device, which will make your wallpaper more visible dimming the icons when the device is idle for seconds.

Jailbreak tweaks

iCleaner for Free

To clean your system removing the junk files, iCleaner improves device’s overall performance strength.

Cydia Download iOS 10

Eclipse 4 for $0.99

To add a system-wide dark theme to jailbroken iOS 10.

Cydia Download iOS 10

The above given is only a hand pick. If you like to see what’s more for Cydia Download iOS 10, check this video too

You jailbreak iOS 10 to get more power on your device. So these Cydia apps and tweaks would be helpful for you in getting more features to your device. But in case if you like to try more, you can but make sure you are not clicking on incompatible downloads. If so, it could make you restore the device to 10.2.1, which is still lack in Cydia download access. So process with caution.

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