Cydia iOS 10.1.1 – What’s New?

By | November 7, 2016

With the release of iOS 10, Cydia iOS 10 discussions started spreading all over the web. And by now  we find number of demonstrations on iOS 10 Cydia Download since its very first beta to current succeeding updates. The recent exposed iOS 10.1.1 jailbreak on iPhone 7 is now the refreshing fact for the whole iOS jailbreak community which raises hope for Cydia iOS 10.1.1. Even though it came after a little silent, the fact it contains make user highly encouraged for a soon jailbreak update. So let’s see how these signs going to lead Cydia iOS 10.1.1 for those who are upgraded to iOS 10.1.1 and wishing for Cydia Download benefits.

Cydia iOS 10.1.1

Cydia iOS 10.1.1 Shown with iPhone 7 Jailbreak

In few weeks back we found Luca Todesco with a tweeted picture that shows Cydia iPhone 7. So it is once again time for iPhone 7 Jailbreak but this time it is not with Luca. And identical to the previous cases this also not going to be in public light as this is truly for the testing purpose.

Through the video release developer @ijapija00 has come showing jailbreak iOS 10.1. And he claims the same jailbreak work for iOS 10.1.1 too. And this works for semi-untethered jailbreak mechanism just like what we found with Pangu 9.3.3 official jailbreak release which now work across 64-bit device range. In that way the sixth demonstrations for iOS 10-iOS 10.1.1 jailbreak is now available keeping the  jailbreak fans encouraged for Cydia Download.

When will the Next Jailbreak be Released?

Since the day iOS 10 showcased exploits have being discovered. But still we find no public tool confirmations that work for any iOS 10 version released so far. In that way iOS 10-iOS 10.1.1 jailbreak is still a question that struggle answering. But these powerful confirmations never let iOS 10.1.1 jailbreak go less interest for sure. The responsibility of the upcoming jailbreak will retain in the hand of popular jailbreak developing teams like Pangu and TaiG. So let’s see how they are going to work with the existing exploits and make Cydia Download iOS 10.1.1 possible for those who hold breath. And we could expect Apple to come with iOS 10.2 soon, with patched all reported issues and discovered exploits. However keep the hopes for soon jailbreak and Cydia updates which is already in view of public but still with no rights to reach.

What to Consider for a Smooth Cydia Download on iOS 10.1.1?

Cydia Download

With all facts getting revealed by time, you may hear Cydia iOS 10.1.1 in anytime from now. So here are some of the things you must consider which would lead a super smooth Cydia install on your iOS too.

  • Update iOS 10.1.1 via iTunes: You have two most known ways to install any iOS version on your iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch. But here you are recommended to head the installation through iTunes where you will not get any crashes or problems when jailbreaking your iDevice. If not there is a chance of getting interrupted in your jailbreak when dealing with apps like Pangu Jailbreak
  • Make sure to turn off “Find My iPhone” and temporary disable any antivirus programs or firewalls you are installed
  • Jailbreaking makes system level alterations. So make sure to backup all your device’s data prior to jailbreak and Cydia Install which would prevent your all content from getting damaged or erased
  • Keep your device rested: Until the whole jailbreaking process gets completed keep your device rested. Simply make sure not to use your iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch while it is in the process of jailbreak
  • When installing Cydia and launching for the first time, you will note it takes several minutes. So be patient and let Cydia to get arranged with the system changes and then launch all your favorite Cydia apps and tweaks through different repositories
  • Jailbreak and Cydia Download take several minutes for the process. So make sure to charge your device at least for about 60-70% power scale as a fine groundwork for the process

Elevating the excitement Cydia iOS 10.1.1 is demoed. So now we only need the official word that gives the tool right for the public. So wait for jailbreak and Cydia updates sticking to all our updating posts. Feel free to comment anything you doubt or need to know about Cydia iOS 10.1.1.