Cydia Impactor iOS

Cydia Impactor iOS can bring together as an application or a program which is impeccably designed and offered by well-known developer Jay Freeman. In simple terms, it can be used to install special third-party applications on the iPhone, iPod and iPad. But for that, apps should come in the IPA file format that Cydia Impactor iOS can read. However, the special procedure of installing applications on iDevices of Cydia Impactor is called sideloading. There are plenty of IPA file-based apps that we can go through Cydia Impactor iOS. There are a couple of significant things to know about the tool. And with that, we are going to unwrap how to use it as well.


What’s more?

Cydia Impactor iOS can be used for both jailbreak and unjailbreak iPhone or iPad. It can download from the official website for free. Moreover, all Mac OS X, Windows and Linux (32-bit) or (64-bit) operating systems are compatible. As recommended, iTools on your computer should be the latest to make sure that Cydia Impactor download works properly with the support of. Each time you use Cydia Impactor iOS, you have to enter your Apple ID username and password. At this point, users who do not like to enter their current Apple ID details can create a free Apple account and use it to process through Cydia Impactor iOS. We call it a dummy account as well.

Those who will use a free account should know, for the same reason, you will have to face app expiration once a week. It means you have to rearrange a certain app using Cydia Impactor iOS once a week. If the Apple account is paid, the app will expire after 12 months. This is about the certificate of the app.

However, not only for installing third-party apps but also, we got to know that recent jailbreak tools too should use Cydia Impactor to sideload their jailbreak apps for coming as IPA packages.

Complete guide to use Cydia Download iOS

We have two main methods of using Cydia Download iOS. We will guide you through both. So, choose the best option.

Method 1

Use Cydia Download iOS with 2FA disabled

  • Download Cydia Download iOS on your Windows, Mac or Linux
  • And the find out and download the particular IPA file of the app that you wish to download
  • Use your USB cable to connect the iPhone to the computer
  • Launch Cydia Download iOS and make sure that it detects the connected device
  • Now, drag and drop the IPA package to the interface of Cydia Download
  • You have to select OK when the Expired Certificates alert will display to continue
  • And then enter Apple ID logins accurately and continue again with a click on OK button
  • The sideloading process will commence and will bring you the app. So the app icon will state on the device Home screen smoothly
  • Go to the Settings app of your iPhone
  • Select General > Profiles and Device Management
  • And then find out the certificate of the app that you installed from the certificates list that you opened
  • Select the Trust option
  • Close the Settings app and that’s it

Method 2

Use Cydia Download iOS with 2FA enabled

  • Go to your PC, Mac or Linux and search
  • Enter respective Apple ID logins there and log in
  • The next step is to follow 2FA steps in order to log into the account
  • The account will then load smoothly
  • A message will display that 2FA is enabled
  • And also, you will see the App-Specific password
  • Just tap on it
  • Enter an easy name and select Create option
  • So the password will arrange
  • You can simply copy it and move
  • And then go to the first step of the previous Cydia Download iOS step guide and complete each
  • Once you will ask to enter your Apple ID, you have to use the newly created password
  • And then go ahead
  • The IPA file will sideload as usually to bring the app to your device
  • That’s it