Cydia download 10.3 or Cydia iOS 10.3.1 Possible?

By | March 30, 2017

The update 10.3.1 is announced for the public about several weeks from 10.3 major release. And it packs some fixes to the operating system with 32-bit device support as a surprising bonus benefit. So anyone above iPhone 5, iPad 4 and iPod Touch 6th Gen download 10.3.1 via OTA or iTunes. It weights under 30 MB but could be varied with device models. Although the update seems minor, it has made Cydia iOS 10.3.1 discussions as jailbreak above 10.3 is still missing. But with no single proof yet, we do not know what will update in Cydia above 10.2.

Cydia iOS 10.3.1

As stated above, 10.3.1 home only to several changes. But among them, 32-bit device support seems interesting which is a lack in 10.3 previous. So let us see what is all new with 10.3.1 in the video below.

Latest updates about the Cydia download 10.3!

Cydia is known as the best and the one and only package manager application which is available in the jailbreaking world. It can be used to find the most incredible and useful software packages for the jailbroken  which can be used as a digital platform for iOS devices. It is also known as independent third party installer application this was developed by the Jay freeman with his Sauric IT Company in the year of 2008. Actually this is a kind of an app store where any iOS user is waiting to see its newest updates and it is same for the availability of Cydia download 10.3. The reason behind this is that, this third party app store is full of millions of coolest apps and tweaks for free and also for a little amount of charge.

The mutual relationship between the iOS and the Cydia app is quite amazing as Cydia is always trying the make a possible path for the newest and major update of iOS devices. So after releasing the newest beta member iOS 10.3 Cydia will come up some incredible apps and tweaks where they  are always good in surprising their fans.

We were being waiting to see the major and the third update of iOS 10.3 and now it has done with its release for the public before three days ago. So now we all are waiting to see some one will find and possible path to jailbreak this iOS 10.3 and also for the availability of Cydia download. Actually jailbreak world is spinning so slowly in these days as  all the individual and group of hackers are unable to show some interesting update after the v9.3.3. So this will prove that the availability of Cydia download 10.3 will take some more time to come for its fans.

But Cydia has stated that the following features will available for the iOS 10.3 and for the time being Cydia fans has only  to read and get update by keeping a hope that it will be available for use in short period of time.

Cydia download 10.3

  • Ability to download the third party apps by making them as your default apps
  • Ability to have easily manageable file systems
  • Ability to use millions of apps and tweaks with Cydia
  • It is completely free and legal to download
  • Ability to change the control center
  • Ability to change anything on your iDevice
  • Ability to get the dull root access to the iOS system

Also following are some of its future apps and tweaks which you will able to find after releasing Cydia download 10.3.

  • CasualAlarm – it’s a free app to chane the alarm tones
  • MultiActions – is available for $1.49 for experience multiple actions
  • Littlemoji – is for free to get cool features to iMessage Emojis
  • AntennaGIFDL –is for free to  get  free GIF file to Camera
  • AutoLaunch – is for free  to re-launch any app automatically